Mushrooms season is coming

We present you a new seasonal addition to the main menu

The main ingredient of all dishes is MUSHROOMS

They add tenderness, juiciness, aroma and velvety texture to the taste.

We are waiting for you in our restaurant Claret, to taste super mouth-watering pickled boletus and salted milk mushrooms. And also our menu will include such dishes as:
1. Salad with three kinds of mushrooms, fried bacon, wild herbs, fried zucchini + incredible herbal sauce.
2. Cabbage soup from 5 types of mushrooms. served with napoleon (on the basis of which lard and Borodino bread).
3. Delicious catfish with potatoes, baked with spices, with two types of mushrooms (chanterelles and oyster mushrooms) and crispy onions.
4. Catfish with chanterelles. Served with mashed root vegetables, poured over all this with a wonderful sauce of porcini mushrooms.

It all sounds very appetizing, doesn't it? Which dish would you like to try?